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Bud - Newport

 Sno - Master Kush - Durban Poison - Oregon Huckleberry Diesel - Purple Train Wreck Royalty line - Dutch Treat - Blackberry Kush - Chocolate Haze - Somoa - Bubble Gum -  Brian Berry Cough - Sweet purple

JOINTS;  Master Kush - Purple Train Wreck Royalty Line - Durban Poison - Oregon Huckleberry Diesel - Choclate Haze - dutch treat - Blackberry Kush - Somoa - Sno - Blue Magoo - Harley Sue

Edibles - Newport

  Gron Bites, milk chocolate almond, dark chocolate, and  - MEDICAL ONLY , milk chocolate. We also have Salted Caramel Candies, Various Hard Candies and Gummies!

Gron Bars; milk chocolate, dark chocolate, Choco Lust THC and CBD, - Baker Bros Cookies; chocolate peanut chip and cran walnut. - Chocolate peanut chip CBD and fudge brownie CBD

Concentrates - Newport

Various oils, shatter and dabs 

*MEDICAL ONLY* Rootbeer Shrapnel

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Topicals - Newport

Empower Products

Dragon Balm



Good through May 31

Magical Monday - 10% off Topicals

10$ Tuesday - Flower 10$ a gram (before tax)

Wake n' Bake Wednesday - All joints 20% off

Tokin' Thursday - 20% off all glass

Four Gram Friday - Buy an 1/8th get 4 grams instead of 3.5

Shatterday Saturday - 10% off Shatter

Sunday Scramble - Pick any Special 

Cool things we've added to our store

We now have marijuana related merchandise!

 Baseball cap style hats, Beanies, and Bracelets, we'll be adding more so keep checking back for updated inventory.

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