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Bud - Newport

Blue Magoo - Gorilla Glue #4 - Sno - Master Kush - Durban Poison - Oregon Huckleberry Diesel - Purple Train Wreck Royalty line - Dutch Treat

JOINTS; Gorilla Glue #4 - Cheese - Master Kush - Starduster - Purple Train Wreck Royalty Line - Durban Poison - Oregon Huckleberry Diesel

Edibles - Newport

SQUIBS; Various Flavors. - Gron Bites, milk choclate almond, dark chocholate, and dark chocolate with espresso bean. - MEDICAL ONLY , milk chocolate. 

Gron Bars; milk chocolate, dark chocolate, Choco Lust THC and CBD, - Baker Bros Cookies; chocolate peanut chip and cran walnut. - Chocolate peanut chip CBD and fudge brownie CBD

Concentrates - Newport

Various oils, shatter and dabs 

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Topicals - Newport

Empower Products

Dragon Balm



Good through May 31

Magical Monday - 10% off Topicals

10$ Tuesday - Flower 10$ a gram (before tax)

Wake n' Bake Wednesday - All joints 20% off

Tokin' Thursday - 20% off all glass

Four Gram Friday - Buy an 1/8th get 4 grams instead of 3.5

Shatterday Saturday - 10% off Shatter

Sunday Scramble - Pick any Special 

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